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GovExec Daily

Dec 21, 2021

Office of Personnel Management Director Kiran Ahuja came into office in the midst of a devastating global pandemic and in the middle of the first year of a new administration that promised to rebuild the civil service. In the six months since, the pandemic has continued and the reconstruction of morale across government has been a work-in-progress. 

The pandemic has brought changes to the civil service that Ahuja has overseen, as agencies put out guidance for their employees to keep government running. Hiring has become more complicated in the remote and hybrid work era. As one of the signatories to the President's Management Agenda Vision, Ahuja spoke to GovExec Daily about the progress on these issues and how the PMA will address them and other challenges for the civil service.

In the second half of a two-part conversation with the Ahuja, we discuss how to make the civil service younger, feds’ pay and how the COVID-19 rules are affecting federal employees.