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GovExec Daily

Dec 21, 2020

Every president leaves their mark on the United States, but it’s hard to ignore the ways that President Donald Trump has influenced American culture. He has popularized phrases like “deep state,”“fake news” and “Make America Great Again.” As the leader of the American federal bureaucracy, he’s managed the government like no one before him, bringing his business and showbusiness experience to the Oval Office. Perhaps related: He’s also most-polarizing president in recent memory, though the U.S. has been trending toward polarization for decades.

Though he has not accepted his November election loss gracefully -- or seemingly at all -- his term will come to a close soon when Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20th. As part of our series looking back on the Trump years, I think it’s worth looking at how the bombastic president’s management style has changed America and the way Americans see government. GovExec's Tom Shoop and Katherine McIntire Peters joined the show to discuss Trump's stamp on America over the past four years.