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GovExec Daily

Dec 29, 2022

The COVID-19 crisis thrust Dr. Anthony Fauci into the spotlight in ways even he could not have imagined. As the pandemic became more deadly, he became a political villain for many in the anti-science movement and the sole hero for those who saw villainy in the Trump administration’s fumbling early pandemic response. As vaccines and science became a political football, Fauci became another of the many avatars on which Americans hung their political tribalism. 

Fauci has been a guest on GovExec Daily twice this year. He spoke to Courtney Bublé in February about the “all-of-government” approach to COVID-19 policy and he later joined to talk about his career in September after he announced his impending departure from government. In this episode, you’ll hear the highlights of the podcast's conversations with Fauci from this year.


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