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GovExec Daily

Apr 28, 2021

The year-plus of the coronavirus pandemic isolation period has forced government to heed the call of modernization with speed unseen before it. The necessity of telework made the federal government switch to a more agile tech and workforce situation, including IT contracting and operations. The Biden administration came into office against that backdrop and, according to our guest today, has brought in a series of appointees who speak to a brighter, more professional future for government's digital transformation.

Stan Soloway is president and CEO of Celero Strategies, LLC and a GovExec contributor. He formerly served as deputy undersecretary of Defense for acquisition reform and director of the Defense Reform Initiative during Bill Clinton’s administration. His post “Biden Appointments Signal Major Changes In Digital Operations and Acquisition” analyzes the new appointments in the administration. He joined the show to discuss his piece and the future of government digital ops and acquisitions.