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GovExec Daily

Jun 28, 2021

Last fall, when then-President Donald Trump signed the Executive Order colloquially called the Schedule F order, public administration experts, good government groups and federal public service unions vociferously criticized the order, with some even claiming it would bring the U.S. back to the spoils system. Upon taking office in January, President Joe Biden rescinded the order and many of the aforementioned groups breathed a sigh of relief. But, the issues around accountability in the civil service are far from resolved and some of those responsible for Schedule F – like James Sherk of the America First Policy Institute – are going farther in their policy proposals. The battle, as our guest today has written, for public service has just begun.

Dr. Donald F. Kettl is professor emeritus at the University of Maryland and former dean of its School of Public Policy. He recently retired from the LBJ School at the University of Texas at Austin. His latest piece on our site is headlined “The Battle for the Public Service Is Just Beginning.” He joined the podcast to talk about his post and the fight for civil service reform.