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GovExec Daily

Aug 9, 2022

About a year ago, the United States and the world watched as Afghans scrambled toward the Kabul airport. The Taliban was taking back the city and thousands of Afghans were trying to leave the country by any possible avenue, risking their lives along the way. 

Releasing this month, the Kabul Falling eight-part podcast series recounts stories of people who lived through the Taliban takeover. Executive produced by Project Brazen, the series is hosted by British journalist Nelafur Hedayat who left Afghanistan as a child approximately 20 years ago.

Bradley Hope is a journalist, one of the founders of Project Brazen and an executive producers of Kabul Falling. The first three episodes of the series are out now wherever you get your podcasts. He joined the show to talk about the podcast and the anniversary of the fall of the capital city.



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